Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dates 22-25

UFB and I were friends.  Then we were more than friends.  Then for a bit, we were neither.  Then we became friends again.  Now we're a little bit more than friends.  Soon enough, we will be friends again.

You know when you break up with someone, but sometimes there's that after burn?  Phone calls, texts, and occasional "meetings" occur post break-up?  UFB and I didn't do that.  We just went on our merry way, and that was that.  I'm guessing this is just an overdue after burn.

Wanna read about it?

Date 22
I had just returned from Texas and had a show that night.  UFB texted to ask if I'd like to grab dinner.  I told him it would have to be tomorrow because of the whole show business thing.  He said OK but perhaps a drink after the show.  We got that drink after the show.  Funny hanging with an after burn.  The familiarity is comforting, at first.  That night was fun.  We laughed, shared a libation or two, and had a lovely adult evening.

Date 23
I'm exhausted from Date 25.  EXTREMELY.  I couldn't even nap.  It was awful.  I didn't know how I was going to pull it together for dinner.  Then sweet UFB texted and asked if we could do something low-key instead.  Yes!  This is what I like about him.  We ordered pizza, watched part 1 of the Woody Allen documentary (see it), and fell asleep on the couch.  I remember this.

Date 24
This night got all whack.  I was supposed to go to his place, but I had to go meet the girls first, so he made plans, but they went later than my plans, so I had to keep it going even though I was ready to shut it down...  Exhausting.  But then we ended up together and had another enchanting adult evening.

Date 25
We ended up spending the whole next day hanging out.  Mostly eating and sleeping.  That night we had dinner at a charming taco place near the Grove.  Our mutual friend met us there, and then we had drinks down the street.  At some point, we ended up at our local watering hole.  You know how it ends.  Adult evening.  Wonderful.  Blah, blah, blah.

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