Friday, February 3, 2012

So, In Conclusion...

I have learned a lot from this little experiment.  Most of the lessons learned were about me.  Men are men, and although interesting creatures, I can't say I drew some amazing conclusion on the hairier sex.

Here is a breakdown of lessons learned, from my perspective:

1.  Internet dating sucks.
2.  Apparently dating ex boyfriends is better than dating new guys from the Internet.  (Who knew?)
3.  Stay away from  Far, far away.
4.  Coffee dates are counterproductive.
5.  On a first date, if you're not into him/her, don't stay longer than an hour.
6.  Keep it to 2 alcoholic beverages, and that is IT.
7.  Married guys are on these sites looking for girlfriends.  Marriage seems to suck.  Don't worry gays, you'll find out soon enough.
8.  There are still good men out there.
9.  Flirting is fun.  Reality is disappointing.
10.  The French are very intuitive.

The truth is, before ending the blog with UFB, I was very cynical about men.  This blog had become a project, and dating was a chore.  I wanted to enjoy it, and at first I did, but then I detested it.  I just wanted to finish this project, prop my feet up on the coffee table, read a fashion magazine, and never date again.

But getting to spend time with UFB reminded me that there are men out there that I enjoy talking to and laughing with, that I also I want to do grown-up things with.  I needed that reminder, and the timing was perfect.

The flip side of the coin is I'm protective of UFB and, therefore, a bit more cryptic with posts that include him.  Again, a reminder that there are just some things that should remain sacred.

I also learned that my reserved nature, while appealing at first, will do nobody any good at the end of the day.  It's time for me to practice opening up to others.

I leave this blog with high hopes of finding a man that makes me laugh, challenges me, and supports my dreams and endeavors.  He has to be out there somewhere.  If you think you're him, I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a little bit of downtime to recompose myself.  But after a few weeks pass, maybe you should contact me.  I've learned so much about myself and need to put these lessons to the test.

Since this thing is over, I feel I should out myself.  Many of my Regulars know me, but for you in Malaysia, and those people in Russia, and shout out to Israel...  This is me.


  1. funny, because i couldn't agree more with you when it comes to the internet dating. internet dating does suck and POF is by far the cesspool of the internet lame. i also am not a fan of the coffee date.

    great reads shelbers. thanks for all the time you put into this. mucho appreciated on my end.

  2. Nothing is wrong with him. He's wonderful. Our lives have just taken us in other directions. We remain good friends.