Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angry Man

This grammarian has been messaging me incessantly.  I have not responded because I'm far from interested.  He finally wrote, "im messing you but dont respond!"  As a junior high English teacher, I quickly decoded it as "I'm messaging you but you don't respond."  I then decided to take care of this by saying, "Thank you, but I don't feel we're a match."  I got this in return:

why do girls automatically think just cuz i mesg a woman it means i wana hook up or i wana be in a relationship with you! we dont even know each other. where im from you got to get to know a person and become friends then you can decide the faith of that friendship. my last meag to you was just refering to ur silly quote on ur profile. im not here for a relationship. i have two wounderful boys that are my life and i dont need to bring in a woman in our life ritenow and take away their attention! im just here to find the cool peeps in this world and be social. good luck trying to find a mate on this pof site cuz what do think gonna happen when you find a man on here, he's gonna close his profile and spot fishing! i think not! all im saying internet is not and i mean absolutely not the place to find a mate. have a wounderful day......

I am now intrigued, obviously.  By the by, can we all agree that an ellipses has 3 ...?

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  1. Good LORD! I would message him back with a grammatically correct version of that vile slaying of the English Language, then say "THIS is why we are not a match." Then I would block him. UGH.