Saturday, December 10, 2011

Next Date Planned

Teacher and I finally caught up with one another.  As I informed Sash about all of the things that were wrong with the Christmas decorating that he spent the whole day doing, Teacher called.  I excused myself for fear of missing this man forever, and I'm sure Sash was happy to see me go.

Y'all, his voice is not that bad.  On my voicemail, he sounded so official.  Now he sounded relaxed and funny.  Thank God!  Anyway, I think we already have an inside joke, and we're meeting for a drink tomorrow night.

Here's the caveat.  My 2nd annual crazy, off-the-chain Christmas party is tonight.  Last year I had to turn down an ex-boyfriend that wanted to sleep with me before he headed out of town the next day to leave LA forever.  Exciting stuff, no?  So as you can see, ANYTHING could happen.

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