Saturday, September 3, 2011


Le Lycee and I have pretty much stopped communicating, and I believe it to be my fault. Oh, BTW, Tall and I are no longer an item, as well. This is because I am not reciprocating the way one recriprocates when one is interested. At the onset of this blog, I had the energy to pursue those that I wasn't that into pursuing. Because it was FOR THE BLOG. Well, I'm sick of it. So that means I need more inventory.

Two new inductees! Introducing MoMA. He's a painter and works at the Museum of Modern Art. HOT. We have gone so far as to exchange numbers and leave messages on each others' cell phones. He sounds uptight, but it must be nerves. Artists can't be uptight. It seems counterproductive to creativity.

I think we're all going to love Copy Cat. He looks like a dad. On my dating profile, I state that I sleep with an eye mask. Copy Cat inquired about that, and then ran out and got a mask that day. He wrote me the next morning, praising me for my eye mask recommendation and then asked about this awesome face cream that I also talk about on my profile. I forward him the information, and he friggin' runs out to buy it. Within an hour! Unbelievable. I'm meeting him for a drink next week, so I'm going to see what else I can talk him into buying.

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