Thursday, September 22, 2011

Logger Reunion

Regulars, sit down.  Or stand up.  It's not that exciting.  You know what?  Squat.  We do have a LITTLE action.  Today, Logger and I came face to face.

Picture it.  I'm at the gym.  I've been stressed for weeks, so I'm riding that skinnier-than-usual wave.  I forgot my hair tie, and I had it done last night, so it's flowing in the wind like a silk curtain.  Most importantly, I have on mascara.

I'm really giving my biceps a workout, when I look to my right, and in the reflection of the mirror, I see Logger.  Just doing a few pull-ups, you guys.

I see him first, so I'm prepared.  I catch his eye, flash my pearly whites, and wave.  He gets off the pull-up contraption and heads in for a hug.  He barely touches me, so I assume it's because he's sweaty, or he thinks I'm contagious.  I'm cool with either.

We make small talk.  He asks about Europe, we make a joke about Paris...  The whole time I feel like he can't get away fast enough.  I find it all to be so interesting.

Here's the thing.  I feel like I've shed all emotions from this dating thing, and now I'm just a scientist using herself as a subject.  My feelings are so far removed at this point, so everything a man does just makes me shrug and think, "Men are weird."

In other news, I finally found a Christian man in LA.  He is also African American.  I have never dated a black man, but am up for anything.  Within reason, of course.  The problem is, he doesn't write in complete sentences.  Also, I wish I could say that the grammar is questionable, but it's downright atrocious.  Nothing turns me off more.

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