Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I think it's probably quite obvious that I did not go out with ExBFname on Monday.  He just couldn't cancel plans with his best friend.  Can you believe this guy?  Instead, I went to bestie Amy's house and played with her kitten.  Yup.  Single.  In my thirties.  Living with two gay guys.  In an attic.  Playing with kittens.  These are all facts.

Not to fret.  ExBFname and I are meeting on Friday.  My roommates are having a party on Saturday.  If I dig ExBFname, I could invite him and hit date 16, just like that.


I was contacted by an old flame yesterday.  It was more like a flicker, actually.  I went ahead and invited him, so if he shows up and I'm still into it, DATE 16!  Who is this mysterious fellow, you ask?

Introducing Sober Guy.  He's sober.  Stop rolling your eyes, it's not like I'm going to marry him.  But I gotta tell ya, there's something sexy about him.  We dated for a very short stint after I ended a relationship.  We lost contact quickly, but I've always wondered what he was up to.  Could be fun.  Or he may not show so ultimately, whatevs.

I invited Neighbor as well.  I know, I'm really going for it you guys.  He responded two days later with, "I might be gone on saturday night... How's it going?"  Tardy response and misuse of the ellipses?  Pfft.

And last but not least, it is a for sure go on Texas Ex coming to visit Halloween weekend.  This will be a fun weekend.

OK y'all.  Unless some breaking news comes forth, it's lights out until Friday night.

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