Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Date 19

I had to wake up to go to iPad training at school, so Texas Ex drove me there so he could explore.  He picked me up a few hours later, and we went to sushi for a late lunch.

Afternoon sake never hurt anyone going through an extreme dating weekend, so Texas Ex and I indulged.  We had an intense conversation about ghosts of relationships past.  He told me a few stories about exes that make me think bitches be crazy.  I told him a few that made him think I have awful taste in men.

To end the evening, and our visit, we watched some of those awful shows that feature some poor, unsuspecting girl being abducted, raped, and probably murdered, but they never found the body.  You know, the uplifting stuff.  I don't know why we like it, but we do.

The next day, I went to work, and Texas Ex caught a ride to the airport with one of my roomies.  The weekend was over.  Done.  The end.

What did I learn from all of this, you ask?  First, I learned that Texas Ex and I will always think fondly of one another.  Secondly, I have realized that I cannot live with a man in such close quarters.  I'm too used to being alone.  They said it would happen to me, but I didn't believe them.  They were right.

Dear future husband,

If you actually exist, I hope it's cool that we either live in a duplex or a house with wings.  I love you, but in order to keep that love alive, I need my space.  I also need dry bathroom floors, a somewhat clear coffee table, and as little talking as possible during important parts of television shows.



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