Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Search is Over

I just received this from a man who looks like this:

what a man would say to a woman like you

if I was lost in the sky
With only one wing left to fly on
My wing would be you
If I were crawling from a wreck
With only a dim light to guide me
That light would be you
If I were forsaken by the gods
And dropped into an island
You would be that island
If the only fragile step
On the path looked hopeless
I would go for that step
I've got a feeling I will be the one
Who will survive through all this pain
I'd die for you
I have torn away a piece of the sky
That didn't seal out the eternal
I'd die for you
If words leave traces
I will tattoo my skin
With the words we haven't said
Nothing will wipe you out
I will guard against the pain
Even if that's all that remains
People will say with beautiful words
That nothing is worth anything
Still this nothing is all mine
What good would it do me
To find my destiny
If it doesn't lead to you?

i'm french my name is Mo big kissss :)

FINALLY.  I've found my Frenchman.

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