Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

San Francisco was a smashing success.  Here are a few things I observed in The City by the Bay:

1.  There are a lot of homeless people.
2.  Women in SF don't seem to fancy nail polish.
3.  I'm just as surprised as you are to find out that I am NOT invisible in Frisco.  One man, bearing 9 of the 14 signs of a serial killer, stared at me too long at the Hyatt.  It was uncomfortable.  But I still got it, ladies and gentlemen.
4.  The beds at the Marriott beat those at the Hyatt, but the Hyatt has balconies and superior concierge lounges.
5.  Napa really is a day trip, but if you have to stay, DO NOT book the Marriott.  The beds aren't worth it.
6.  The cabbies are cool.
7.  People are nice.
8.  It's nothing like LA.

I enjoyed my time with B in SF.  It's a fun little town.  But I gotta say, it feels great to be home, where I can wear my chipped nail polish with pride whilst revealing my bra as part of my outfit.  LOVE YOU LOS ANGELES.

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