Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post Birthday Ramblings

The birthday weekend was a smashing success.  Amy and Ash took me to this adorable speakeasy called Next Door Lounge for dinner and drinks.  It's fabulous and I highly recommend it to LA people looking for something different.

After the crowd turned a bit too night-timey for us, we moved it to one of my favorite watering holes where I was greeted by more friends.  Drinks all around, a happy birthday tune with a candle, a quick jaunt to my dentist's home for video game dancing, and a cab home for good measure.  TOTALLY normal birthday for a gal in her 30s.

Because I was busy with my day-of-birth ritual, I did not keep up with my suitors on the site.  At my old site, this was social suicide.  At the new site, one will be berated and begged for attention.  There were a slew of messages along the lines of, "What have I done wrong?" "Have you forgotten about me?" "I promise I'm a good guy, just let me take you out!"  FRIGHTENING.

There's only one thing I want a man to beg for, and it's not appropriate to write here for the world to see.

There is one man that seems decent.  We'll call him Earnest.  His name actually is Earnest, but it's such a fabulous name that I have to use it as his alias too.  Earnest understands subject/verb agreement, has a real job, no pics with motorcycles in them, and he is familiar with Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest.  (Obviously he has an unfair advantage, as his name is Earnest, BUT STILL.)

At the moment, he and I are just corresponding.  As a lady, I feel I should wait for him to ask me out.  I mean, his name is Earnest for Christ's sake.  Gotta kick it old school.

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