Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Forgotten Moments

I had forgotten how awful Internet dating was.  And this new site IS THE WORST.  Hooking up with exes is like staying at the Four Seasons compared to the Motel 6 crap I'm putting up with right now.  Seriously, not even a Red Lion.  This is straight up unacceptable.  Have I already tentatively booked 2 dates with extremely unacceptable men?  Yes.  And it's killing me.

But my favorite story to tell is about this other site that I have joined.  It was suggested to me by a friend.  Apparently, these guys have to prove that they are invested in you and pay you to go on a date with them.  Is it an escort service?  Apparently no, because I'm not touching him for $60.  Yup.  He offered me $60.  And I get a free dinner out of it.  Or a drink.  I don't know, but I have found out a way to make money at this gig, and that's a silver lining.  Unfortunately, he's a beefcake.  Muscles, shaved body, bandana tied around his head, etc.  Oh, and did I mention that he's paying me to date him?  Wait.  This doesn't feel right.  Let me rethink.

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