Monday, August 8, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

We made it back from Vegas safely, but extremely exhausted. I have a theory that the road from LA to Vegas is a straight line and the road back was designed by a 3 year old art student. It took 7 hours to do a 4 hour trip, and that's not frustrating at all. Being in Vegas really puts things into perspective. It feels like the whole city looked in the mirror in 1985 and said, "OK, this is it. This is our look. FOREVER."

Since I really only have 3 days of downtime before I leave the country, getting a date in could prove to be difficult. Tall may want to see me, but Tall is a lot of work. He's a night guy, and I have a lot of day time stuff I need to do before I leave. We'll play it by beer.

I am corresponding with a gentleman via the dating site. (I know, it's been awhile.) Introducing The Saint. He is from California but went to high school in Paris. He likes to use big words, which I dig, and thus far he finds me to be delightful. I hope he doesn't run into Logger before I get back. Don't want my smoke and mirrors to be revealed too soon.

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