Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lazy Bones

I know I set the goal to get to 15 by the end of next week, but the follow through has been difficult since I cannot keep my eyes or energy up past noon. Not many people, including close friends, really care about my jet lag. Something about "getting the opportunity to see parts of Europe for free" disables the region of the brain that transmits empathy.

HOWEVER, Tall does want to se me tomorrow, so if that happens, I could be on my way. Some of you are probably wondering what in the heck is up with Tall. There hasn't been a lot of chatter. Tall is smart, funny-like, a quirky dresser, mature... I could go on and on. The only problem is this: I'm not getting the tingles in my special purpose. This is a shame, but a fact.

I'm frightened because those tingles seem to fade pretty quickly as of late. Back in the day, if I had the hots for I guy, I could tingle for MONTHS! Now I'm lucky if it lasts through the night. I think the only cure is Jason Bateman. So I do hereby declare Operation Break Up Jason Bateman and his Pregnant Wife. Who's with me?

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