Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beer and Moaning in Las Vegas

I was not going to blog whilst in Las Vegas, but I lied. Amy, Ash, and I arrived last night, via SUV, around midnight. Quick costume change and then downstairs to the lounge. We were immediately spotted by Curtis (sporting a flavor savor, of course), and he bought us a round of drinks. About an hour later, Curtis was falling down drunk, and I was able to diplomatically get him to go pass out, but not before he hugged Ash so hard I thought she would pop a blood vessel. A few champagne cocktails later, 2 of us went to bed.

Cut to 10am. Where's Ash? Oh, she probably met someone. Yup, she met someone all right. Amy and I moseyed on down to the casino and Ash was still up, playing blackjack, with an extra $2,000 in her pocket. But my favorite part of this reunion was meeting her companion, Red. Red had cornrows and summer teeth. Some were there, and some were not. He was a novice at subject/verb agreement and he loved our little Ash. And who wouldn't? Everyone loves a winner.

Amy and I then decided to go to the topless pool. Just for the experience you guys. No funny business. The topless pool is disgusting. Not because the only topless women are the last people you want to see topless (and one playmate with a hot pink thong and everything, via 1987), but because we saw 2 floating hairs in the pool within 15 seconds.

And then we met Crissy. Crissy is a 23 year old Canadian. She was wearing an 80's inspired bikini, unbeknownst to her, and Amy called her over to compliment her. Crissy had not been on a plane since 6th grade and freaked out that we were from Los Angeles. When she found out that we were originally from Texas and Louisiana, she flipped out even more. We didn't dare tell her we were comics, fearing her head may implode.

After melting and witnessing 8 pairs of stark white breasts later, we decided to take a margarita up to the room and watch ghost documentaries. So we're having a blast.

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