Friday, August 5, 2011

Vegas Baby

Tonight, I leave for Vegas with my lady friends. I detest Vegas, but I love my girls, so sacrifices must be made. Since I've seen the type of men that go to Vegas (Present company excluded, of course.), I don't think there will be any news worthy blogging. But one never knows.

Logger has disappeared, which is for the best. I had a lovely time with him, but we were not meant to be. Tall and I had a short text exchange yesterday about inside jokes. Very cute, but I'm exhausted.

My globe trotting begins on the 11th, and I have a lot to do until then. I need a rest from dating, stand-up, and boring summer TV. Although, it would be nice to get date 10 in before I leave. Regulars, can you believe we're almost a third through this project? All I want for Christmas is my 30th date.

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