Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, you can put down that glass of champagne. I didn't go out with Movieman72. His "meeting" ran late and by the time he got out of it, Sleepy McSleepyPants just wasn't having it. My face had been washed and moisturized, and I had on my yummy clothes. It was over.

I feel like I let y'all down a little bit, but I'm sorry. I'm on a strict "get up early, write, workout, network, buy something, catch-up on DVR" schedule, so I need to respect that. I hope you understand.

But there is good news. Today, Mr. B and yours truly will be sitting across from each other, enjoying a caffeinated beverage. This could be the one, you guys. Are we excited to turn this thing into a wedding blog or what?

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