Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Not Playing Games, People

A date is going to happen today, come hell or high water.

Introducing Movieman72. He just contacted me today with this opener:

I am so convinced that if we were in a bar and you saw me, you would instantly know that there was some kind of chemistry.

I'm sure that this is used on every woman he contacts, and he just waits for one to bite. Well I bit. For you. And to get some new material on this thing. It feels a bit stale, no?

He's a writer and has a "meeting" this afternoon. He's texting afterwards to see if we can meet. Yes, I gave him my phone number. Again, for you.

Do you see what desperation does? I have been developing these on-line relationships with Mr. B, OD, Max2, all of them. And now look at me. Guy throws me a line and I meet him the same day? I'm an Internet harlot.

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