Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Date 5

More reasons why I like Logger:

a) He's southern.
b) He pays attention to me. (see a)
c) He asks me if I want more wine when my glass is empty. (see b)
d) We listened to, and sang, country songs all the way home.

Logger took me to a friend's house for an intimate BBQ. He made jambalaya in front of my face, which was quite impressive. His friends were awesome, the house was crazy huge, and the jambalaya was perfectly spicy.

This guy is amazing, but I don't think he belongs to me. There was a lot of industry talk, which I can tolerate in small doses. Unfortunately, I get bored easily. Oh God. This has nothing to do with Logger and has everything to do with me.

This is about me, right? I'm so messed up that I can't fall in love with a guy who has a-d above, and a-e in a previous post, entitled Date 2? This is why my friends get so frustrated with me.

The truth is, I may see Logger again because he's a good person, and those are hard to find in LA. Will we be picking out China patterns together? My guess is no, but I also never thought my college boyfriend would marry my best friend, and that happened.

Also, this has nothing to do with the flip flops. And if it does, it is only somewhat subconscious.

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