Monday, July 25, 2011

Ghosts of Internet Relationships Past

Movieman72 reactivated his account on the dating site and messaged me, which is a bit odd. Obviously I'm all for Movieman72 finding love, and I know it's not with me, but it seems retroactive to communicate in that manner with my dear old friend.

I've also got a sneakin' suspicion that American Citizen? may be Neverland, which means he didn't proofread his message to me. He deactivated his account and acquired a new handle, but I can't be fooled. Plus I'm really paranoid and suspicious. I will investigate further.

And my favorite... Remember that dude with the oral fixation? He's back, and he used the exact same script. I had to find out more about him.

Me: Hold on a second! We've already communicated. This is hilarious. And we established we're not a match.
Him: noooo. you established that. I never establish anything without meeting
Me: No we did. You said your goodbyes and everything.
Him: the offer still stands if you are feeling lonely and frisky
Me: This must work for you since you use the same lines verbatim.
Him: You must have said you were looking for Mr Right or something. Don't you want to play with a guy who actually enjoys getting a gal off as many times as he can?
I plead the fifth. (I don't think he knows what "plead the fifth" means.)
Me: No I didn't say I was looking for Mr. Right. I just prefer more of a traditional dance than your get to the point ways. Different strokes.

The moral of this story is, I miss Logger.

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