Monday, July 18, 2011

Date 2

My date with Logger started in the afternoon and went way into the evening. These are the things I like about him:

a) He's southern.
b) He pays for things. (see a)
c) He's funny.
d) He gets hints. (When we talked before the date, he said he broke his toe whilst wearing flip flops. I told him he deserved it for wearing flip flops. No flip flops on the date.)
e) After he got comfortable, he kept saying that I was "extremely good lookin'" (accent on the GOOD)

Also, it's nice when awkward things happen, but you can laugh about it. He talks with his hands a lot and he "accidentally" touched my boob 3 times. Oh that Logger. Such a hoot. We will see each other again.

I'm seeing Movieman72 on Tuesday which will be interesting. I'm not used to juggling men and I'm an awful liar, so anything could happen.

I'm supposed to see Ratto756 on Wednesday, but I think I should cancel and see Logger before he leaves town on Thursday. I feel bad about it, but if I'm going on second dates with guys, I can't go out with dudes that I know aren't my husband.

Neighbor is out. I find it to be unattractive when a man asks for your number and doesn't call. Yawn.

Oh, and Mr. B contacted me! He said he had a wonderful time drinking coffee and listening to me ramble on about pregnant pauses. I find that hard to believe.

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