Saturday, July 30, 2011

Date 6

Logger came to my show last night. He said I was funny. Since he stuck around afterward, I have no reason to doubt that statement. He met a few of my friends, and they thought he was charming and lovely. He works well in a comedy setting with many alpha, narcissistic personalities, and that helps if you're hanging with me.

Logger rocks. He really does. He's fun, smart, gentlemanly, and I have no idea what's going to happen with us. What I do know is that he's an awesome person to spend time with.

Life is weird, and one never knows, but there's a possibility that I will not be Mrs. Reluctant Dater-Logger. If we don't make it, I will sing his praises to any woman thinking of dating him. He is the bees knees.

IN OTHER NEWS: Tall and I are meeting for a drink on Sunday, but the concert is Wednesday. I fear Sunday may be miserable which will make Wednesday unbearable. Clearly, I'm an advocate of the power of positive thinking.

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