Friday, July 29, 2011

Paranoia Self Destroyer

I am on the cusp of being discovered by one of my beaus, I just know it. And the paranoia has set in, as absolutely everything has me scrambling around like Woody Allen in The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. (This movie was underrated, in my humble opinion.)

Here's what happened yesterday:

As my regulars know, Logger said he'd be attending one of my shows this week. (He's coming tonight, FYI.) Tall and I were texting, and after I told him I was performing that evening:

Tall: Is Logger there? (But he said Logger's real name. I know what you're thinking. How would he know Logger's real name? I thought the same thing, but again, I'M PARANOID.)
Me: Logger who? (But I said Logger's real name.)
Tall: Logger Hasalastname (Kind of cute, no? But it sent me over the edge.)
Me: What are you talking about?

and then DEAD AIR for 2 hours.

Tall: Sorry, forgot what it was for a moment. Logger McNeil. (That's not MY Logger. Huge exhale.)

Fact: I'm OK with being discovered. It's inevitable. It's just that initial "You're busted" feeling that I'm not looking forward to. But what a blog entry it will be.

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