Friday, July 1, 2011

So This is the Way It's Going to Be

If things keep going the way that they are going, I may hit 30 dates in 10 years. The 51 year-old attorney seems nice and all, but I bet he would feel a bit out-of-sorts at a National concert. My newest pursuer is a portly 41 year old fellow with a sweet smile. But I can't take this:

I have to admit that this is different It is always hard to do a self summary I have lived on 4 continent and traveled the 7 seas My journey began in India and I have lived in and worked in many counties and Pasadena is where we call home.
I love the Jesus and he is my lord and Saviour

Oh R-gyp Do you know what I love? Punctuation, subject/verb conjugation, and people who keep their Lord and Savior under wraps until date 3.