Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh Boy

You know that character that Kristen Wiig played on SNL? The one that one-upped everyone. Like, another character would say that he's in real estate and she'd say something along the lines of, "Yeah, well, umm, I sold the Vatican and made 7 billion on commission, so..." Well, I've met the real live male version of that online.

Introducing The Artist. Yes, he's an artist, but so much more. He's a writer, fluent in French, a car expert, and enjoys wearing a thin leather cord around his neck, with what appears to be a spear hanging from it.

After a sophomoric compliment about riding me, it goes like this:

Me: Thank you. Strange but sweet.
The Artist: not strange, but funny. It's my acerbic wit. sorry.
Me: No I get it. Funny. (It wasn't. I was being nice.)
The Artist: Oh good. I'm glad. I can freak people out with my humor sometimes.
Me: Hello. I'm a comic.
The Artist: This is true. I forgot. I write comedy, so there's that.

Of course you also write comedy, The Artist, because you can DO IT ALL! I bet he menstruates too.


  1. He Sounds like a real turd. I know allot of one uppers. On of my closest friend is one. He even went to the lengths of saying that he is more of a minority than myself(I'm Filipino, BTW) by being part American Indian. There is NOTHING about this super white guy that is remotely close to what resembles anything of being an American Indian, and a Dream-Catcher in his rear view mirror of his car really doesn't count!

    Wait....Did i just one up my one upper from your one upper?

    Dammit! Sorry about that.

  2. I absolutely love it. Feel free to post a comment whenever you see fit.