Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Take a Breather

I need a break. A break from the dating site, a break from dating, a break from texting... I'm going to spend the weekend catching up on my real friends' lives, as I've been a bit of a no show as of late.

Also, you should know that a lot happens behind the scenes here at 30 Dates 30 Blogs, that you're not privy to. Not because you don't deserve to know, but because I really only report on the top stories. Well, with most of my prospects now gone, someone else has floated to the top.

Introducing Dasher. He's sweet, but I find him to be a bit cheesy. I feel badly saying that, but it's the truth. I can't explain exactly why without acting it out for you. Let me see. You know when you say something, anything really, and there's that one person that's like, "Oh yeah, well listen to this..." And what they just said isn't funny at all, but they're laughing, so you laugh because you want to be polite? That's Dasher.

Apparently, Dasher called me this weekend, and I don't recall hearing the message. You know how that goes. You're out with your friends and forget about an email read, or a call taken... No? Just me?

He sent me a passive aggressive message about it and it goes something like this:

Dasher: um, get my vm?
Me: No. When did you leave it?
Dasher: saturday
Me: Well I had a day of fun and frills w my friend and there is a 100% chance I don't remember listening to it. I apologize.

2 days later

Dasher: soooo, ok, here's my number 555.555.5555

I'm sorry, Dasher, but I don't even remember caring if you called, and now you expect me to call you to make up for it? I honestly am jealous of the self-confidence some people seem to have, for no apparent reason at all.

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