Monday, July 18, 2011

Date 3

And wouldn't you know it. Neighbor called today. Wanted to have a beer on my porch. I'm counting it as a date. He had a headache and seemed curt. Not an awesome date.

My agent had a mixer of sorts tonight. It was karaoke. I sang One on One by Hall and Oates. I was awful, but I said some funny stuff between bars. Anyway, I met this man. Does it suck that he's an actor? Yes. Was he funny and tall? Also yes. We'll call him Tall because it's better than Actor. I wanted Tall to ask me out, so my friend, Michael, said I should get his number. I told Michael that I don't call boys because I am a lady. At the end of the night, Tall and I are talking again, and Michael made us both exchange numbers. I reassured Tall that he doesn't have to call me, as he's being forced to take my number, but I hope he does.

I also have a new gay boyfriend. His name is Jason and I am in love with him.

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