Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We have some activity PEOPLE!

Lesson learned: Do not drag your feet when you're asked on a virtual date. I fear I have lost contact with Max2 for this very reason. And just when I got him to open up to me that he isn't a killer. DAMMIT.

But not to worry! I have another friend. His name is OD, and he already suggested that 2 comics shouldn't date; therefore, we should just be friends. And since he wrote that on the Internet, surely he means it. We're meeting next week.

My new favorite, however, is mr.b. FUNNY! I did see a necklace in a couple of shots, which I'm not into, but being particular does not move a dating blog ahead quickly. If played correctly, I could have 2 uncomfortable meetings, I mean dates, in one whole week.

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